Minnesota's Marvelous Hero The Official Avenger in Marvel Comics

Minnesota’s Marvelous Hero: The Official Avenger in Marvel Comics

Every young person knows the Marvel Comics series, which has filled the shelves of bookstores around the world. And most likely, you even had a favorite superhero, such as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, or the X-Men. The comic industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and now every region of the United States has its own fictional hero. Minnesota is one of them. 

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Whether you’re an avid comic book fan or just want to learn more about the industry, Minnesota is the perfect destination for your trip. You will explore many unique facts about the iconic publisher and find your favorite superhero. Let’s start our marvelous acquaintances right now!

Minnesota’s role in Marvel 

You probably didn’t realize that MN has a much greater connection with comics and superheroes. However, this is true. It all started in the early 1940s in Zumbrota located 60 miles from Minneapolis. The then little-known C.C. Beck lived there opposite the local art theater. At the age of 15, he and his parents moved to the state capital where he drew the iconic Captain Marvel for Fawcett Publications. Readers liked the drawings so much that they formed a fan club of almost half a million people. 

Yes, C.C. Beck created the image of one of the first comic book heroes and thereby gave impetus to the rapid development of the industry. The Captain Marvel storyline, consisting of 12 episodes, attracted thousands of teenagers and adults. The main character has even become something of a male ideal who appears and saves the day with the words “Shazam”. Without exaggeration, the atmosphere and culture of Minnesota in the 40s of the 20th century contributed to the emergence of comics as a separate genre and became the birthplace of one of the main publishers on the American scene.

Comic book history and components of success 

One of the most positive features of Marvel comics has always been the ability to show superheroes through the eyes of an ordinary person. And when one of the most important screenwriters of his time and a world-famous artist decided to devote an entire four-issue graphic novel to this, the success of this venture was guaranteed from the very beginning. 

Over quite a considerable period, readers didn’t cool down to this plot at all, continuing to please the publishing house’s accountants with a consistently high demand for collector’s editions. Let’s try to understand a little what makes the Marvel comics so special. 


The story is based on the events happening with the talented photographer Phil Sheldon. He becomes one of the first witnesses of how superheroes began to appear one after another. Kurt Busiek carefully weaves into the story multiple elements from original stories, starting with the legendary Marvel Comics #1. Each appearance of superhumans in the frame has a logical connection to events familiar to the reader. However, the plot itself is not striking in its unusualness and is not captivating from beginning to end. The main thing here is completely different – namely, how superheroes behave. 


The fear and misunderstanding of many peaceful inhabitants of the Universe in relation to superhumans only emphasizes the image that Phil Sheldon sees in them. These are outstanding individuals, endowed with amazing abilities and colossal inner strength – heroes in the best sense of the word. The concept of “superhero” doesn’t take root immediately, but Phil Sheldon calls these people with an equally appropriate word – Marvels. 

Everything related to superheroes happens majestically and solemnly. This applies to both their achievements, which immediately go down in history, and their tragedies, which don’t leave even random people in the crowd indifferent. This is the main advantage of the comic, and it’s also its only drawback. We see the heroes through the eyes of an ordinary person, but not the ordinary people in the hearts of the heroes. 


The legendary Alex Ross is the best choice to be the artist for this series. He gives each page the atmosphere and color of the corresponding era and perfectly shows those monumental and sublime images of superhumans that Busiek creates. Undoubtedly, the artistic implementation of this comic was a success.

MN is not only the birthplace of Marvel. The state has its own character who stands guard over order: Minnesota’s fictional hero is Quake, a woman with the ability to generate vibration waves that create an effect similar to an earthquake. She can direct seismic flows with high precision, causing objects to collapse. 

Quake first appeared in the book scene in 2004 as Daisy Johnson, which is her Marvel superhero identity. At the same time, its final issue took place in January 2013.

So, Marvel’s iconic characters are both fun and inspiring. Even as fictional individuals, they have something to take for themselves. If you ever want to delve into the history of the iconic series, pick up a car in Minneapolis and take a cruise through Minnesota. Whether it’s Zumbrota, the capital, or any other city within the state, you will become one step closer to superheroes while walking through the cozy streets and comic book shops!

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