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  • Exploring the Use of Pink Floyd in Marvel’s Eternals Movie

    Exploring the Use of Pink Floyd in Marvel’s Eternals Movie

    Music is a powerful tool that can take us to different worlds and make us feel things we never imagined. Pink Floyd, an English rock band, has been used in both Doctor Strange and Eternals to create the perfect atmosphere for these big-budget Marvel movies. Let’s explore which Pink Floyd song was used in Eternals […]

  • Yoga-Loving Superheroes – Who Knew?

    If you’ve ever watched a Marvel movie, then you know that the characters are always on the go — saving the world, fighting evil villains, and having epic battles. So it might come as a surprise to learn that many of them practice yoga! Yes, even superheroes can benefit from a little yoga for both […]

  • Who is the rapper in the Marvel movies?

    We all love a good superhero movie, the thrill of watching good triumph over evil as the heroes come together to fight for a common goal. But did you know, there’s a hidden gem of the music world lying right under our noses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? There’s a multi-talented rapper with impressive […]

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