Superheroes Funny Deadpool Compression Slim Fit Short Sleeves T-Shirt

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Superheroes Funny Deadpool Compression Slim Fit Short Sleeves T-Shirt

Aim high and strive for greatness! Whether you’re on the field or in the gym, our fitness compression t-shirt has got you all covered. This O-neck essential will help you stay warm, dry and focused as much as possible. Made from special blend of material used for working out, our Deadpool compression T-shirt ensures optimal comfort and durability along with ideal fit and function. With the newest moisture-wicking technology, you can always train harder and faster without worrying about extreme sweating. Let’s get yourself ready for all the challenges!

  • Short sleeves, a classic round neckline
  • Compression fit
  • Designed for Men (Unisex)
  • Physiological advantage
  • 4-way stretch fabrication
  • Moisture Transport System
  • Smooth, chafe-free flatlock seam construction
  • Machine washable & Dryer Safe

  • Close - fitting: Easy for you to show off your muscles
  • Cosplay: Rock your Halloween party or Cosplay festival as whichever superhero you want.
  • Unique design: Looking your best while blasting your core. Why not?
  • Ideal material: Lightweight and good-quality fabric will help absorb and release moisture quickly.
  • Shipping: As long as you belong to this earth, you are offered FREE shipping.


At a loss with Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth”? Let’s jump to the shallow end and wade through the Deadpool.

All you need to do is to forget anything you know about Avengers, Marvel’s and don’t even bother thinking about drawing a comparison to Spiderman. Deadpool would laugh and/or kick your ass if he heard about this. And, of course, that’s the reason why we love and appreciate him so much.

  1. Who is Deadpool?

It is obvious to say that Deadpool is the most controversial, thus coolest, anti-hero of Marvel. Deadpool. Who also known as Wade Wilson, has become a fan favorite because, well, he’s crazily smart. He often breaks the fourth wall, addressing the readers directly – even commenting on the fact that he’s a comic character. Mentally unstable? Sure! But definitely fun! 

  1. Deadpool’s backstory:

Growing up with abusive parents and running away as a teenager, Wade Wilson was eventually trained as an assassin and worked as a mercenary. After being diagnosed with brain cancer, he was offered the chance to beat terminal cancer by signing up for the Weapon X program, where Wolverine got his metal claws and skeleton. However, this program also got him one hell of a skin condition and made him completely insane since this program didn’t really cure cancer. It just stopped cancer from killing him. He then lost his memory of his early life and, unable to slot back into society; he became a mercenary for hire and adopted the moniker “Deadpool”.

  1. What makes Deadpool so special?

As I mentioned above, besides his healing ability, Deadpool is fully aware that he’s a character in a comic book. He’ll make meta jokes, drop pop culture and hold in conversations with his own thought bubble and caption boxes.

Even when he’s been to some dark places in his past, the character always seems to bring it back to comedy. His violent tendencies haven’t exactly leveled out, but over the years, they’ve been played for humor, rather than brutality.

And after more than a decade, superhero movies are rife for parody, meta comedy and ultra-violent slapstick.

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