Saving the World is a very exhausting job and all the Superheroes must be remarkably energetic and strong to handle this heavy duty. So, have you ever wondered that among countless heroes across the universes, who is the one actually kills the game of flesh and muscle?

We have the same question and here's our list of potential answers. Let's check it out!


10. Batman

You don't need the superpowers to be a superhero - This is how this man describes himself.

Spend years of training physically and mentally, even just in the normal size of 6 feet and 210 lbs -  Bruce Wayne has reached the perfection a normal human can achieve in physical strength. Without the technology gears, he's already a deadly weapon himself.

9. Wolverine

With super-human senses and power of healing from almost any wound, Wolverine obtained an unlimited stamina and strength. Moreover, years after years of training, fighting intensively, Wolverine has reached the exceptional level of the physical power. 

You can shoot, stab him, and he just simply walks toward and tears you into pieces. Trust me, you don't want to mess with this man. 

8. Colossus

Comes from the coldest land of Soviet Union, Colossus is a physically imposing figure of muscle.

With the ability to transform his entire body into a form of "organic steel", this giant makes his height at about 7 feet and weight up to 500 lbs. His physical ability is considered that can lift up a container carrier and still have one hand free for a pizza slice. 

7. Aquaman

Sometimes, you don't need to go to the gym to have a muscular body, and Aquaman is the perfect example for this, all you need is swimming...around the world. 

Just imagine a man made of 325 lbs of flesh and 6 feet tall swimming from Pacific to Atlantic ocean in… 2 hours, Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps is just a joke to him. Now you see why Aquaman appears on this list.

6. The Thing

Benjamin Grimm - a.k.a The Thing is literally someone has "rock hard muscle". Wasn't a superhuman from the beginning but after experiencing the solar accident, Ben brought on his shoulder a new mission of saving the world.

This 6 feet - 500 lbs man just taps his enemies with his bare hands and they turn to dust. Simple, right?

5. She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters, this magnificent lady can make any male superhero feel ashamed of their muscles. 

Not randomly just got the alias as She-Hulk - She's the actual cousin of Bruce Banner and seems to be not any less powerful than her incredible cousin. However, she earned the ability to control her switching ability between her human and She-Hulk form. It seems that her brain does work too.


4. Thor

Was born as a Norse god, wields the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, grown up in wars and battle, Thor is one of the greatest warrior superheroes ever.

6 feet height and 640 lbs weight, Thor is truly a living sculpture of muscle and strength step out from the mythology.


3. Hercules

Another superhero steps out from the mythology, as a demigod, you can describe Hercules superpower just in one word - that's "Strength". 

The other superheroes might carry planes, cars, but Hercules used to carry the Earth, yes, the Earth, you didn't read it wrong. One of his famous 12 labors was carrying the Earth from Atlas' shoulders, even just for a while, but it totally goes out of the normal conception of being strong. 

2. Superman 

Not sure does Kryptonian do gym or any form of the workout but Clark Kent - a.k.a Superman is considered to be among the strongest superheroes on Earth.

This 6 feet and 225 lbs "Man of Steel" can easily lift a plane by one hand. Not impressive enough? Even his internal organs have muscle and powerful that if he blows candles for his birthday too hard, it will create a windy storm.


1. Hulk

After saving a teenage from a gamma bomb explosion. The genius, Dr. Bruce Banner doesn't have to go to the gym anymore since he has become, physically, one of the strongest superheroes in the universe.

Obtaining an average human-form body but when transform, a green giant weight up to 1,150 lbs and 8 feet tall appears. His muscle is so powerful that a normal jump can leap him a great distance or create the blast of a sonic bomb just by clapping his hands. 



So, is your answer was listed above? Let us know your ideas by leaving comments below.

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