Top 10 Hottest MOBA/MMORPG Games to Play in 2020

Top 10 Hottest MOBA/MMORPG Games to Play in 2020

As hugely popular genres in video games, most notably in PC gaming where members can easily interact with teammates all across the world, MOBA/MMORPG games are essential to be familiar with in the gaming community. Playing great MOBAs/MMOs can be an overwhelming experience. They can consume your time and occasionally your entire life, depending on how invested a player can become. 
Luckily for us gamers, the number of titles coming out every year increases. Today, Gaming Geek Kingdom will show you top 10 MOBA/MMORPG games to play in 2020 - some are new, while others are old but gold, which is perfect for any interested gamer. Whether you’re simply searching for a great game to begin playing or are a hard-core fan who has battled all of the games on the list, we do believe you all will find these games best of the best.


TERA is a free to play online MMORPG with beautiful environments and gorgeous graphics. With some of the best combat mechanics experienced in the genre and innovative elements such as the political aspect, TERA is a game that will surely keep you entertained if you manage to bypass some serious repetitiveness during your quests.
Choose your hero from a nice variety of races and classes and customize him as you progress, by finding or crafting better gear. Fighting against darkness and saving the fantasy world of Arborea from doom won’t be an easy task.


Rather than control a normal character, Smite allows a player to control a god, goddess, or other powerful mythological creature. Teams of gods battle each other in a combat that combines both player controlled and AI controlled figures. Players can choose from a wide variety of different gods from different cultural backgrounds. all of which possess their own specific skills and abilities.
Smite possesses a large number of different gameplay modes, making its diversity one of the most appealing aspects of the game. Players can choose between 5 unique structures, such as Conquest (the most popular) or Ranked. Because of this, players can develop their skills and not get bored by the same format. Smite has all of the features of a top-notch MOBA as well as its own unique charm.


MU Legend is Webzen’s new MMORPG, the sequel to the popular MU Online. It puts the player in a fantasy world plagued by evil where together with other heroes must do their best to restore peace and order.
With five playable classes, each with 14 different unlockable skills, a secondary leveling system called Soul Level that fine-tunes minor (but still important) stats, upgradable gear, a crafting system and a long, quest-based story, MU Legend makes certain that there will always be something to keep you occupied with! Explore the masterfully crafted world and enter Rifts, mini-dungeons that offer lots of experience and great rewards; reach maximum level and join special events like Endless Tower for higher challenges and legendary prizes, or participate in PVP matches. MU Legend offers an amazing gaming experience that will satisfy even the most demanding RPG fan!

4. DOTA 2

An updated version of the all-time classic MOBA, DotA, DotA 2 is even more fun for a modern audience. Two teams, each with five different players, occupy a base on different sides of the map. The two teams then battle in order to overtake the other team’s base, using a combination of skill, cooperation, and experience to win. The game occasionally features special in-game events and also hosts real-life tournaments where players can test their skills.
The game’s highlights include good gameplay, production quality, and its efforts in both maintaining the qualities of the original version while also making significant improvements. DotA 2 also can boast being the most played game on Steam, with over a million players. The game did the seemingly impossible; DotA2 took the most classic MOBA game to exist and made it better. For those reasons, DotA 2 is an obvious choice for the list of top ten MOBAs.


Black Desert Online is the greatly successful MMORPG that has changed everything we knew about the genre and elevated the competition to a higher level. The game features one of the best-created worlds in the market, with vibrant landscapes, excellent weather effects, detailed artworks and lifelike animations. There are numerous classes to choose from, each with a distinct set of abilities and combat moves. An extremely detailed character creation process is also at your fingertips, allowing you to make the avatar of your dreams!
Combat is where the game shines and is a bloody, fast-paced feast for the eyes, a deadly choreography where you become a killing machine, obliterating everything that crosses your path. And there are so many more brilliantly designed elements to enjoy like crafting, alchemy, farming, joining guilds; everything to ensure that you are an actual part of this world! Come and play Black Desert Online and get the gaming experience of a lifetime!


League of Legends is the world’s most popular MOBA, boasting 67 million players monthly and up to 30 million players each and every day across its global servers it is disputably the most popular game in existence. In this MOBA, you play as one of 139 characters (referred to as Champions) in teams of five fighting others in a race down their lanes to destroy the enemy base first. Ideally, teams will send one player to the top lane, one to the middle lane, two into the bottom lane and the fifth one will take the jungle that separates these lanes. Every lane will fight individually while receiving aid from their jungler until it becomes time for 5 on 5 team fights!
What’s your play style? Are you a support, acting as a medic for the easy-to-kill champions? Or maybe “No guts, no glory” is your anthem and prefer to get right up in the face of your enemies with a Tank or Bruiser! However you play your games, League of Legends has something to suit you.


Bless Online is the MMORPG from Neowiz Games that puts players in a wonderfully crafted world where two warring factions require their aid. The game uses Unreal Engine 3 and takes full advantage of the landscape tool that Epic Games has developed; the result is stunning 3D graphics, breathtaking landscapes, detailed character models and jaw-dropping visual effects.
With ten races, eight classes and an extended customization process, creating a unique hero is assured. What is more, the unique skill system, which allows only a certain number of talents to be used, adds new possibilities to the gameplay. With pets, mounts, dungeons, sieges, open-world PVP and a challenging combat system, Bless Online is a title that fans of the genre should not miss!


Vainglory is very much your typical MOBA in all aspects except for its available platforms. Players are split into two teams of three and battle to destroy the other team’s base. Players attempt to both advance along the path while defending their own base. This is done simultaneously while fighting against AI controlled creatures and also scavenging for extra resources.
Vainglory is the only Android, iOS specific game mentioned on the list, and simply for that distinction, deserves to be mentioned. This platform allows for MOBA fans to enjoy the game format anywhere, not simply just in front of their controller. This accessibility is a huge benefit to the game. Fans of any other MOBA game should consider getting this game in order to stay connected to the MOBA community at all times.


World of Warcraft is a title that every MMORPG fan is familiar with; in fact, the legendary game from Blizzard Entertainment has been setting the standards for modern representatives of the genre for over a decade.
WoW is a perfect example of good story-telling; you always get the feeling that you are part of something far greater than a simple quest, that your actions can alter history. What is more, the universe of the game looks amazing with countless locations to visit that vary from mystical forests and abandoned cities to mighty strongholds and frozen mountains, everything is a feast for your eyes. Two warring factions, thirteen races, twelve classes, professions, mounts, collectible pets, tons of gear, real-time combat and many different PVP modes wait for you to discover! So, grab your gear and join the battle!


A controversial addition to the list, Heroes of the Storm possesses the traditional components of a MOBA. Players are split into two teams and battle with the objective of conquering the opposing team’s base. However, there are more objectives that engage with the environment than in a typical MOBA. Quickness is also a highlight in the game, keeping the pace fast and streamlined.
Heroes of the Storm is the best MOBA that refuses to be called a MOBA. By daring to break the mold in terms of game format, Heroes of the Storm distinguishes itself from the typical MOBA, even if its creators claim it is not actually a MOBA. Infusing RPG (role-playing game) elements as well as shorter matches, Heroes of the Storms certainly breaks away from the traditional structure of MOBA.
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