The Kingdom of Wearable Art: Super Hero Gears

The Kingdom of Wearable Art: Super Hero Gears

Super Hero Gears was born with the simple vision of bringing extraordinary superhero and gaming masterpieces from around the globe together to give the people a platform to purchase wearable art that tells a story and inspires life through creativity and design where creativity and practical functions meet together.

Super Hero Gears merchandises travel the globe with deliveries to over 200 countries daily for FREE. We are working hard to provide customers with Free or competitive shipping options. We are striving to cultivate and empower the people to tell their stories through wearable art.

In Super Hero Gears, You can be your own superhero!

Free of restraints and inspired by creativity, we are empowered by giving artists a chance to amplify their art to the world. We are working hard to give our customers a smooth experience in shopping in our store and to make every customer exploring experience convenient for an overall good shopping experience.

Super Hero Gears is committed to making the highest quality apparel in the marketplace, which is why every garment that we craft is hand selected and hand printed whenever possible. We respect superheroes and gaming characters and we print them in the highest quality way possible. Each garment that we produce starts with a story that is told by an artist and love for superheroes and games.

Shopping in Super Hero Gears is not only for Women. We offer a wide range of superhero and gaming shirts, hats, hoodies, accessories, and more in our store which can make any man glued to the screen for hours. We have merchandises for superheroes from Marvel or DC like Thor, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc. as well as merchandises for Games like Warcraft, Zelda, League of Legends and more. We also accept custom orders HERE. The options are limitless! Also, we have numerous products that cater to kids, parents, and teenagers as well. We also almost always have an ongoing promotion, sales and/or shopping deals in our store that you can take advantage of.

You can also guarantee that it is safe to shop in our store. All payments are processed via PayPal which delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. Your payment for any purchase is processed securely by PayPal. All sensitive information sent between your computer and PayPal systems is automatically encrypted, ensuring your information is kept private. 

We are proud to assist you on your shopping journey by contributing our superhero-themed and gaming-themed merchandises.  Don't hesitate to contact us at whenever you have questions and we will always be more than willing to help you whatever inquiry you might have. is the #1 resource for everything superhero and gaming! Find out the latest news and facts on our Super Hero Gears Blog; support the gaming geeks, superheroes fanatics, and artists by shopping in our store.



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