Being superheroes has a lot of perks - you become famous and successful with the girls and all; not to mention all the comics and movies written about you,... But, wait, does saving the world from baddies help at all when it comes to paying bills? In these harsh economic times, even superheroes need part-time jobs. It seems like being superheroes and doing duties, fighting crime doesn’t bring home the bacon anymore. 

Inspired by an artwork project called “Part-time jobs” by a Malaysian Graphic designer - Chow Han Lam, here come some occupations that every superhero can sink their teeth (and claws?!?) into if they wanna get a little bit of extra cash.

1. Super-post-man – cheap and cheerful:

With the speed of a hundred miles per hour – even faster than the speed of light, there is no doubt that written letters will go viral all over again. 


2. Flash – Pizza delivery expert:

Are you stuck with your dense schedule? Or lack of family time? Say no more! The Flash is here to be the connection between pizza and your busy life! With Flash the delivery man – every night is family night!



3. Catwoman – beat bug with the best:

Can it get any cooler to have all your pests killed by one of the sexiest superheroes? With Catwoman as your exterminator – no pest can stand a chance! 



4. Wolverine – a legit butcher:

Who needs knives when you can have all 6 sharp, edged blades coming right out of hands? Besides, with the ability of self-healing, accidentally cutting one’s self while working is not a problem anymore. Fast, safe and absolutely accurate!  



5. Spider-man – sports shop assistant:

Be aware and prepare to shut down all your knitting machines, sports shops! Possessing unlimited source for carbon nanotube webbings – for stronger and longer durability; maybe, you’ll never need to fix your cracker’s net twice!



6. Iron man – laundry guy:

Gotta admit we’re lil disappointed that Iron man can’t have a better job. Then it’s a little confusing here: Doing laundry service?!? Seriously?!? After those tremendous inventions?!? It’s like he’s trying to prove being a billionaire is a superpower, isn’t he?



7. Captain America – a model of waiters:

Ever wondered the use of Captain’s shield beside fighting or intercepting? Here you are – the best tray you could ever ask for. Unique design and unbreakable material tray going along with one of the most popular superheroes as a waiter – for sure tons of customers will be dying to eat at your restaurant.



8. Deadpool – a circus performer:

Possessing superhuman healing factor, Deadpool will definitely be a suitable choice when it comes to performing knife throwing at any circus and for any audience to try. Anyway, you should protect your feelings when performing since this “merc with a mouth” guy may go a lil over with his endless sense of sarcasm.



These must be totally different sides of superheroes that we would have no idea about if any of these had ever come true. However, we think Chow has done a wonderful job expressing the harsh economic times we’re living in. What about you? Do you have any better suggestion for these guys? Leave comments below and let us hear your thoughts!

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