How Did DC's Justice League Superheroes Get Their Powers?

How Did DC's Justice League Superheroes Get Their Powers?

With the incredible performance of the first-ever solo debut film of Aquaman, any DC fan must be as enthusiastic as I am for the future of the DC movie universe. After all, with the critically panned three movies Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League, we were not in a favorable position. However, that situation has now changed, thanks to the smash hit that is Aquaman. With its near-instant success, the DC Extended Universe has received a new breath of fresh air. Thus, right now we are all very optimistic about the future. In addition, even though Justice League has been the very representative of superheroes teams since the Justice League: Unlimited days, there are not as many young people knowing about it as the ones knowing about the Avengers.


Nonetheless, with the smash hit that is Aquaman, there has been an influx of completely new fans to the fandom of the DC superheroes. However, it is due to them being so new, they have virtually no knowledge about the greatest team of all superheroes. For example, they know that Superman is insanely strong with a sick heat vision, or Green Lantern can make constructs, or the Flash runs really fast, etc. However, they do not know at all how the superheroes attain their powers. Thus, I decided to write this article to explain clearly how the major Justice Leaguers get their power for the newbies.

 1. Superman

Of course, we will start with the Big Blue Boy Scout as always. After all, in addition to being the definitive superhero, he is also one of the oldest around based on his publication history. I am sure that the number of people that can recognize his trademark “S” shield emblem is comparable to the number of people recognizing the America flag. Making his debut back in 1938, Superman is the first of the literal superheroes as we know them today. In other words, there will be no superhero without the existence of Superman. As we all know, he is an alien with inherent powers that can only be activated under a yellow sun.

 2. Batman

If we are starting the list with the oldest and arguably most respected superhero, there is no way that the one to follow him is not the most popular and feared one. The Dark Knight of Gotham has always been a mysterious figure for anyone who lives there, no matter how good or bad they are. Everyone knows of the Batman and they are all afraid of him. So, how did he attain such a fearsome reputation? This one is quite an exceptional case, as we are all aware that Bruce Wayne, in truth, does not possess any kind of superpower. At the end of the day, he is just a normal rich man who wants others not to experience the pain and trauma that he went through as a kid.

3. Wonder Woman

I am quite sure that you are already aware of the one to follow the two unarguable greatest superheroes of all time. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman as she is famous for, is undeniably the single most popular female superhero of all times. She is the very representative of girl power, as someone who can freely go toe-to-toe with the arguably strongest being on Earth, Superman. With the release of the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman film back in 2017, I am quite sure that most of us are already aware of the origin of the Amazonian Warrior Princess. Just like the case of Superman, Wonder Woman’s powers are her birthrights, meaning that she did not gain them through some freak accidents or special serums. After all, in the current continuity Wonder Woman is indeed a demigoddess, the daughter of Zeus no less.

4. Aquaman

Due to the incredible success that the film Aquaman has been experiencing throughout its current run in the theater, I decided that it is time to move the King of Atlantis to number four. After all, before this film, most of us are only aware of him as a running gag who can talk to fishes. That is all. However, with the new film, a humongous number of fans have been brought in and these guys are now actively looking for the clues of Aquaman’s power origins. Thus, I decided that I should shorten their research time down. Like Wonder Woman and Superman, most of Aquaman’s special abilities come from the fact that he is a mixed child between a human and the previous Queen of Atlantis. However, that is not the extent of it, as he also has some additional powers from his trusty partner, the Trident.

5. Green Lantern

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evils might beware my power, Green Lantern's light!” I am sure that every single comic book fan knows of this oath. Even though the 2011 adaptation film of the character featuring Ryan Reynolds became a failure so big people tend to ignore it nowadays, no one can undermine the impact that the Green Lantern has on the popular culture as a whole and the comic book industry in particular. As “green lantern” is a name of a position, there have been multiple individuals throughout history that took up the mantle. However, the unarguably most known lantern is Hal Jordan, and he was given the power ring by a dying lantern. Using the ring, the lanterns can make constructs that can be as durable as their minds.

6. The Flash

Like the Green Lantern, the Flash is also a title that has been donned many times by different individuals. However, the two most famous superheroes that were known as the Flash at one point are Barry Allen and Wally West. While the other Flashes get their powers in different ways, these two both attain the Speed Force through the same situation, a freak accident involving lightning. In the modern days, writers have been explaining the ridiculous powers of the Flashes through one single entity, the Speed Force. According to them, the moment the original Flash, Barry Allen was struck with lightning, the Speed Force was born, which spreads through time and space. Thus, any Flash that comes later technically borrows their powers from Barry’s creation. So, in a way, all Flashes’ power comes from a lightning bolt.

7. Martian Manhunter

Even though he has not appeared in any of the live action DC film, no one can deny the importance of the Martian Manhunter. More often than not, he is the very heart and soul of the Justice League, being its main communicator and leader. His power is, like Superman, his birthright, as his Martian physiology gave him quite a lot of special abilities. In addition to his already impressive natural power, the Martian has also received multiple power boosts over the years to become one of, if not the most powerful being on Earth. He has quite a versatile power collection, but what people know the most is his psychic power.

 8. Cyborg

Initially, Cyborg rose to fame as one part of the much-loved teenager superheroes team, the Teen Titans. However, with the reboot of the DC Universe and the release of the New 52, he is now one of the first members of the Justice League. This stoic but kind mixture of machine and man is one of the most technological advanced superheroes there are. Due to the replacement of large portions of his body to advanced machine parts after a freak accident, Victor Stone has been granted super strength, stamina, speed, and the ability to fly. However, all of those abilities pale in comparison with his capability to interact with external computers. In fact, in this world of technologies, he might be the most versatile hero.

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Heidi - April 3, 2019

This is such a good read. My son loves all DC superheroes and we have read this post together. Thanks for giving a brief overview of how they all got their powers, they all have amazing origin stories. Honestly I didn’t know how most of them got their powers but this is a great headstart for me so I can relate to my son more

Saundra C - January 9, 2019

OMG! You’ve included Aquaman! Although he’s a half breed, he has proven himself and protected both Atlantis and the people he loves. One of my new favorite superheroes and would really love to see more Aquaman movies. Of course, most of them are my all time favorites :)

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