7 Essential Skills We Can Learn From Video Games As Of 2020

7 Essential Skills We Can Learn From Video Games As Of 2020

If you are reading this article, then there is no way that you are not aware of what video game is. After all, at the moment video games as a whole are undoubtedly the single most famous way to entertain oneself across the entire world. Even though they are heavily criticized, there are even some claims that put video games in the art category. Nonetheless, no one can actually deny the scope of popular video games have been acquiring ever since the day it was first introduced. The term video game has now become so common that I believe finding someone who does not know what it means will actually be much harder than finding out one who does. As a result, the industry of video game making has been continuing its onward trend for quite a long time.

Due to its rise to relevance being too short of time, there is no way that the industry does not have some antagonists. After all, in only the year 2015, the whole video game industry made more than $75 billion in annual worldwide sales. With that kind of number, there is no way that no one is jealous. Thus, there have been numerous objections raised against video games. People accuse the industry of many controversies, from violence to sexual themes, or even advertisements, etc. However, there is nothing that has been sticking as long as the accusation of causing addiction and having a negative impact on the mental well-being of the players.  After hearing so many uneducated remarks born from this belief, today I will introduce you all to the 7 Essential Skills We Can Learn From Video Games As Of 2020.

1. Playing video games can actually help you develop personal accountability


Anyone who has played even one game can attest to the opinion that a great video game is always quite hard. There have been so many examples of this belief in the entire gaming industry. After all, there is no one who can say otherwise after making real contact to this world. Let us take an example in the Dark Souls franchise. The original game, as well as its sequels, have made a name for themselves as undoubtedly the most punishing games of all times. Dark Souls as a franchise has completely earned the reputation due to its unforgiving attitude towards mistakes. As a result, it forces the player to continue learning from the mistakes. Thus, this game alongside with quite a lot of the other games on the market has made it possible for their players to develop some sort of personal accountability.

So, what exactly is personal accountability? It means one can be fully aware that they are completely in charge of their actions and the consequences those bring forth. At first glance, it seems like this kind of skill is not that awesome or impactful. However, one should never underestimate this kind of skill. Due to the leaders of today blindly following the belief of engagement coming from not being under stress, most people today have become quite entitled. Thus, they will never look into themselves to find out what is wrong, instead, they will blame it on something else. However, that is not the case at all with the gamers. After all, we have continuously been dealing with the hard games by actually going back to where we had fallen and trying to find out what we have done wrong. Thus, we will be quite successful in real life.


2. Playing games can help you be more proficient in multitasking


Multitasking, the mysterious ability that helps a human to actually do more than just one task at a time, is one of the most desirable life skill out there. For example, someone who can multitask can actually take a phone call while typing out an email or even reading a book. The ones who actually have this skill can get far ahead of all the others in both personal and professional life. After all, when two people can do the same task in the same time range, it is obvious that the one who can do another task, on the other hand, is much more advantageous.  Being able to truly multitask can indeed increase your productivity as well as efficiency. In addition, it can help you to free a lot more time up and even save a bunch of money for you.

We are all now aware of the technical advantages that one can get if they can indeed multitask. However, how can one actually acquire this quirk? After all, we are also aware that true multitasking is almost impossible for humans to achieve as we simply cannot keep our attention on more than one task at any time. However, we can actually have something that is relatively close to multitasking. That is to shift our attention between the tasks we are doing rapidly. Thus, one can achieve a kind of the same result to what multitasking will yield. For the ones who are proficient in doing so, they can actually increase their working speed without impacting the results negatively. This kind of attention management can actually be quite great for your life. Due to the fast-changing nature of a game, we gamers can acquire this kind of skill easily.


3. Playing video games can help us learn to let go and start over

For the ones who have come in contact with real life, you must all know of its cruel nature. After all, there is no way that real life can always go in the direction you want it to. This issue has become even more prominent in the job market with the rise of technology. Due to the new and convenient machines, the workforce has been dwindling down for quite a bit. This is when one must start to learn to accept that there are things in life that you simply just cannot change. For the people who failed to see that fact, they are usually completely chewed up by the real world. There are times in life that you just have to acknowledge the fact that you just cannot do it. Knowing so can actually help you to limit quite a bit of heartbreak and more serious failures.

However, after being able to actually accept the fact that you failed, one must know how to stand up again. In my personal opinion, while these are technically two skills, they are too connected to be split up. In addition, I also believe that the starting over skill is actually more needed than the letting goes skill. After all, if you only let go without learning anything and starting over again, then all your efforts have gone down the drain. Thus, one must learn to collect experience from the times they let a task goes due to not able to complete it. Once you have become proficient in this set of skills, then I don’t believe that there would be anything that can be too hard for you more than once. Playing the insanely complicated video games can actually prepare you with these kinds of skills.


4. Playing video games gives you a form of forward-thinking skill


Do you know how old puzzles or strategy games are? In truth, they have existed for far longer than the video games as a whole. After all, there have been puzzles that are so old no one can actually search for their origins. Furthermore, the strategy genre of games has been in style ever since the time of ancient civilizations such as India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. However, they have never ever fallen out of favor for all these time. With the addition of video games, the puzzles and strategy games have even found a new peak. Games like Sudoku, Angry Birds, Plants, and Zombies or Dota 2, Civilization 2, and Starcraft II have all succeeded in making some serious buzzes that last for quite some time.  Why is this possible? The answer is because of their capabilities to stimulate forward-thinking as well as strategic planning.

We all know that there is no point in arguing against the value of these skills in your life. After all, I do not believe that there is anyone that cannot see the practicality of being able to plan your expenditure previously. In addition, with forward-thinking, one can actually choose a path of a career that will be positive for them in a long time. There is just too many great points that the ability to think some steps ahead can offer to you. This case is especially true if you are dealing with social contexts. You will undoubtedly be able to plan out completely what you will say before you actually open your mouth. There are guys who can think of something on the fly. However, it is still far greater to be able to prepare yourself for anything before it can even happen.


5. Playing games can train you in leading and socializing

In recent years, there has been a quite popular stigma attached to video gamers saying that they are all asocial. There are even cases saying that video games can make you antisocial. Some sources depicted gamers as man-children dwelling in their parents’ basements with no dignity, no job, and no responsibility. That is simply not the truth. On the contrary, when we put the hate glasses down, we can actually see gaming for what it is. In fact, playing video games, especially the Mass Multiplayer ones, is simply another way of interacting socially. In this modern era of gaming online, gamers can communicate with each other easily through the help of video and voice chat. Thus, one can actually argue that playing games will promote more interaction to the outside world. Consequently, a gamer can actually learn a lot on the way to socialize through online games.

That is not all, as after one has acquired enough “skill points” on socializing, it can actually “evolve” into leadership. This skill I am sure that most of you have heard of previously. After all, it is one of the most sought-after skills of this decade. Nowadays, an employee with the ability to lead is always more valuable than one who does not have it. So, how does gaming affect this popular skill? I am sure that some of you will not take this seriously. However, managing some kind of project team is not at all different from managing something like a guild or a party. A successful guild or even party leader must be able to resolve conflicts between the members, inspire motivation, synchronize the schedules, and mobilize the members to a goal. Have you discovered anything familiar in this set of required skills?


6. Playing games teaches you to persevere and be patient


I am sure that many gamers are familiar with grinding. This term describes any sort of repetitive activity which is no fun at all but will yield some awesome rewards. Do you see something familiar? This term originates from the workforce that we are all familiar with. The term grind was first used to working a day job as “daily grind”. Thus, it is only natural that the grinding-type games are quite efficient at preparing its players for the “daily grind” that they all will undoubtedly one day have to go through. The hits from the days of old arcade games will force you in a suffering that lasts through so many repetitive gameplay. Prime examples of this case are Rampage, Tetris, Space Invaders, etc. There are also the leveling-up role-playing games which encourage you to fight monster repetitively to become even stronger.

Now, some of you will naturally ponder about the possibility of grinding being considered a life skill. News flash, it is, and in fact, it is one of the most sought-after ones. After all, the capability to endure the repetition on a routine level is something that will always be valuable no matter which path you choose to pursue. There is always something that needs you to grind through in life. For example, you will have to grind through the homework, then the projects, then the unpleasant works, etc. In other words, playing games can give you the capability to endure through unpleasant things at the moment to ensure a better future. Some of us classify it as “delayed gratification”. There is also the term “perseverance and patience”. Nonetheless, life will demand you to have it if you want to survive the cold and hard real world.


7. Playing games will help you sympathize and empathize much better

Nowadays, there has been an idea increasingly becoming popular, which is considering video games as a form of art. This belief is, in my personal opinion, actually quite credible. After all, if one looks at some of the artistic directions in some great titles, they will not be able to argue that games cannot be literally arts. For example, Team Fortress 2, The Wind Waker, Don’t Starve, or even Limbo has some very distinguishable graphics that can only be called arts. However, that is not what we are looking at in this article. In the deeper level, the designers of modern video games have been increasingly exploring and incorporating the emotions that are popular in other media forms. One of the most vital of those things is narrative. Thus, most of the revolutionary games in the last five years have all been tearjerkers.

For quite some time, video games have been having an infamy of being only emotionally numbing as well as brain rotting. However, the trend towards gaming centered around narrative has been able to tap into the domains of books or movies. That domain is developing a sense of empathy as well as sympathy for its players. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 requires you to do good actions to be successful in the game. For me, this particular set of skills is actually the single most important one out of everything in the list. After all, the other life skills will mainly benefit you as a person. However, empathy, as well as sympathy, will be great for you as a member of society. Thus, these skills are great for not just you, but also the people that you interact with on through the whole days.


As a result of playing video games, a player can actually learn not just the life skills that I have just listed. In truth, as there are too many life skills that can be helpful for the players, I can only list out the most important ones in my opinion. However, I do believe that with these, the stigma that society has stuck onto gaming in general, as well as gamers in particular, will be weakened. After all, I do not believe that there is anyone who has not gained anything from playing games. There are just too many things that one can learn to better their life through the simple act of playing games. Sharpening those skills will naturally help you a great deal in getting a job or advancing further through your career.  So, why don’t you also have fun while doing so?

When a gamer band with others in trying to strike down a hard enemy, school or even work may not be what is on their mind. However, they are still in the process of building something that will actually become quite handy for them later down the line when they come in contact with the real world. Thus, there is no need to hide that you are a gamer. This is not the old days when being into gaming is frowned upon. Why don’t you share with us how gaming has made you better equipped for life?


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Erik Tolbert - February 20, 2019

Good to know that you can actually develop something in playing games aside from just having fun. I agree with the fact that it can train your leading and socializing skills which are highly needed in such games like Dota, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, and other multi-player games. And can also be helpful in other activities like in school group work or in playing football.

Jeffrey Stark - January 23, 2019

Yes! Playing video games are actually good for you on many levels and most especially skills development. Of course, we must add, like anything, to maintain such benefits, games should be consumed in moderation. Staying up all night, every single night, to fight off zombies? LOL! Maybe not the best thing for your health.

Tod M. - January 2, 2019

I’m a gaming geek as well. I play a lot even when I have work the next morning. It helps me relieve my stress in a way that I sometimes forget it’s already getting late but I still manage to go to work though. I mean it’s just fun and I made a lot of acquaintances online. You get to know other people and their experiences too. I am not convincing you to play video games, each has his own preferences and mine is to play and enjoy the game while of course, earn a living.

Holly H - December 5, 2018

That might be a good point. I can see that there are also benefits from playing video games but I definitely don’t want my kids to play video games a lot. There might be a bad effect with their eyes and sitting for hours in front of the computer. But I slightly agree with the above mentioned, it “might” be good for them too and develop some skills that I don’t have while growing up.

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