10 Surprising Hidden Facts About Batman as of 2020

10 Surprising Hidden Facts About Batman as of 2020


Batman, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the World’s Greatest Detective, debuted in 1939 with Detective Comic. He is arguably the greatest comic superhero with the only contender being the very first superhero, the trope codifier: Superman. We, the readers, have grown up reading about his many adventures in his never-ending battle with evil.


Batman’s most famous characteristic is that he knows about everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets, no matter who they are. So, we as his avid fans have decided to do some digging through Batman history to find out more about Batman life story, and we have found out some cool Batman facts that you might not know about. We have gone through them all and compile a list of 10 Surprising Hidden Facts About Batman as of 2020

 1. Batman Used To Kill People


We all know why Bruce Wayne decided to become the masked Dark Knight: his parents’ death. He was so consumed by the events of that day, Bruce Wayne was effectively dead and the Batman was born, he also induced a strict rule onto himself: there must be no killing and no gun, under any circumstance. This Batman life story is so well known, we all assume that it is a constant fact.


However, this Batman info will show you otherwise. In his earliest days, Batman used guns and he doesn’t just shoot people, he could throw them into acid, break their necks, etc. Shocking, right? Thankfully, his willingness to kill was quickly discarded in a short time after his debut and the popular no-kill code was instated.

2. Batman Once Merged With Wolverine



Yes, you did see it. No, you did not have an illusion. There was a Marvel/DC comic crossover event in 1996 named Amalgam, where every DC hero merged with another Marvel hero. Batman was no exception, and the Marvel hero he merged with? His catchphrase is "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice." Yes, it was none other than the Wolverine, the unkillable mutant. The product of this merger is Black Claws, and his ability to strike fear into others eclipsed even over the originals.


3. Who Killed Jason Todd? 



Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking: “Really, aren’t you supposed to be an expert on Batman things? Why are you asking this simple question? Isn’t it the Joker?” Well, it was indeed the Joker who bludgeoned Jason and then blew him up. But this Batman info can tell you otherwise, it was us fans who voted for DC Comics to end his run as Robin. After Dick Grayson graduated from being Robin and became Nightwing, Jason Todd was selected as the next Robin. He was immediately met with severe criticism and protests.


4. Batman’s Internet ID 



This is the age of the Internet, everyone and their mothers have Internet names, and the Dark Knight is no exception. In a panel of Detective Comic #845, while he was chatting online with Barbara, we can clearly see that his nickname is JonDoe297.


5. What Is Batman’s Favorite Food? 



In Batman #701, Alfred, the butler, the one who have been practically raising Bruce since the day his parents died, let us all know that Batman’s favorite food is mulligatawny soup. It is an English soup originated from India. There is no single original version of mulligatawny soup. Originally, mulligatawny soup did not have meat in it, later versions were modified and added meat to satisfy the British. The first English mention of it goes back to 1784.


6. Joker Was Based Upon A Novel-Adapted Film Character 


Even though Bill Finger and Bob Kane clearly created the Clown Prince of Crime and it was Jerry Robinson’s sketches that brought him to life. The Joker was inspired highly by a photo of Gwynplaine, a character played by Conrad Veidt in the movie adaption of Victor Hugo’s A Man Who Laugh in 1928. Gwynplaine had a disfigured face that gave him a perpetually creepy grin.


Don’t be mistaken though, the only thing they share is the creepy smile. While Joker, the Harlequin of Hate, is a homicidal maniac who will kill you for any stupidly hilarious reason, Gwynplaine is the complete opposite. He is gentle, brave and he knows how to love, going as far as refusing a Queen’s order of marriage to elope with his true love. In other words, Gwynplaine is everything Joker is not.

7. His Mother Is The Joker!




Did that shock you? Well, it wasn’t in the main continuity, so don’t worry too much. In DC’s big crossover event titled Flashpoint, after Barry Allen went back in time and saved his mother, he unwittingly created a whole new timeline. In this timeline, instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne, it was Bruce who was shot in the Crime Alley. This pushed Thomas to be the Batman and practically destroyed Martha, making her, obviously, the Joker.


8. Batman Has Some Weird Sleeping Habits 



This is definitely one of the many Batman weird facts. We all know that Batman can’t keep a normal sleep routine, thanks to his nocturnal activities, but do we know how weird his sleeping habits can be? Over the years, many sources have tried to address the issue in many ways.


In Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Bruce Wayne usually slept quite late and dozed off while attending the Wayne meeting. In the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton, the eccentric Michael Keaton’s Batman even occasionally slept just like a bat, hung upside down.


9. Batman Was Revived By The Lazarus Pit 


In the 1992 graphic novel Batman: Birth of the Demon, Batman was impaled with a shovel by Ra’s Al Ghul. After the two died fighting and fell into the Pit, Batman woke up alive and completely healthy in the morning.


10. The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh 


Have you ever created a backup file for your computer? Now imagine the same thing, but this time it’s your mind. Yes, Batman created a backup for his mind in case he was brainwashed. However, this is only a last resort, as it comes with continuous hallucinations and it made him even more aggressive than usual.




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Antoinette - March 20, 2019

I’ve always loved Batman and it’s always fun to read fun little facts about him like his favorite food and his weird sleeping habits. Now I will always imagine him sleeping upside down like a bat haha! I also think it’s funny that his “internet name” is John Doe, while it is the most common male name used when going incognito, it always reminds me of John Doe from Se7en and it definitely gives me the creeps. Thanks for this list, it’s great to know things about your superhero <3

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