Ten Reasons Why Marvel Movies Are Very Successful and Popular

Ten Reasons Why Marvel Movies Are Very Successful and Popular

Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you have the habit of going to cinemas for all kinds of movies? If the answer is positive, then there is no way that you have not heard of the MCU. That word is the shortened form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a shared universe and media franchise that is produced independently by Marvel Studios. This universe’s characters are based on ones that belong to the American comics that are published by Marvel Comic. The media franchise has branched out from only movies to include digital series, television series, short films, and comic books. Just like the original Marvel Universe in the comic books, this shared universe is also established on the idea of crossovers. This includes casts, settings, plot elements, etc.

The MCU debuted alongside its very first film, Iron Man, in 2008. With this introduction, the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off its first phase. This phase culminated in the first-ever crossover film for this universe named The Avengers in 2012. With the immensely successful The Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe has cemented its spot alongside the most successful media franchise throughout history. After the success of the MCU, there have been numerous attempts at debuting different media franchises to match them. Among those attempts, there are big names such as the DCEU. However, none of them has managed to even come close to the level of popularity and success the MCU is having. Thus, I write this article to discuss Ten Reasons Why Marvel Movies Are Very Successful and Popular.

1. Kevin Feige

When you talk about the success of Marvel movies, there is no way that you can leave this man out of the discussion. He is the very brain behind the arguably most successful and profitable franchise of this decade. When Kevin Feige decided to start the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel as a brand was badly damaged. Marvel Comic actually declared its bankruptcy back in 1996, and the 2000s was the DC’s era. Then, the Marvel Comic brand was saved by two people, Avi Arad as well as Ike Perlmutter. However, that salvation came with a price. Marvel had to sell all of its most prominent characters’ rights to make movies. Avi Arad made the most out of the situation, spearheading partnerships with numerous studios and laid the foundation for the Marvel Studios nowadays.

However, the change did not come until Kevin Feige appeared. By then, Feige was the second-in-command for Arad. One day he suddenly realized that even though they sold a lot of their character’s rights to other studios, Marvel still has the rights for all the core members of the Avengers. Then, he decided that they would release a series of independent films featuring each hero, and then merge them all for a big crossover. This is the first form of what was later known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would not be an overstatement to say that there would be no MCU if there was no Kevin Feige.

2. Casting

For a film to be successful, there are so many things that need to be done in the correct way. One of those aspects is the casting choices. There have been so many cases of characters being completely different from the actors that were cast to play as them. When something like this happens, there is a high chance that the film will just flop. After all, for a moviegoer, seeing something like that must be quite unacceptable as well as annoying. However, this has never seemed to be a problem for any kind of film under the MCU brand.

The most prominent example of this aspect is none other than Robert Downey Jr. with his signature Iron Man. He was practically born to be this character, and he made Tony Stark appears before us all perfectly. There was no one in the world thinking that Chris Evans would make a great Captain America, but he did make us all fall in love with his version of Steve Rogers. Every single Marvel movie has made choices in casting the main character that we all just can’t complain about. I believe that this is one of the reasons they are so successful.

3. Tone

After the immense success of the Batman trilogy, from Batman Begins, to The Dark Knight, and culminated in The Dark Knight Rises, the whole world thought that the new direction for superhero films would be dark and gritty. However, Marvel, or to be more exact, Kevin Feige did not fall into this trap. They know what their strengths are. Unlike Batman, who relies mainly on his edgy nature to draw in fans, Marvel heroes while also serious, still have quirky and funny characteristics. Thus, Kevin Feige decided that the main tone for the Marvel films would be serious on the main storyline. However, there would also be some quirky one-liners being thrown around along with some funny situation to relieve the stress.

Thus, Marvel has managed to make a name for itself with its own identity for the films. The whole franchise became a money printing machine with practically no film that does not manage to triple its budget.

4. Directors and Writers

Marvel Studios has not made too many partnerships with A-list directors and writers. In fact, most of their films do not have any of those people writing or directing. Kevin Feige has a habit of finding new directors and writers who show promises and then made them into A-listers by himself. Marvel Studios has partnered with a lot of lesser-known or artsy directors such as Kenneth Branagh for Thor, Joss Whedon for Avengers, and most importantly Jon Favreau for Iron Man and also its sequel Iron Man 2. One can argue that Whedon was well-known. However, he was by no mean a major director as his most known work was only Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sure, they do have partnerships with some big names like Joe Johnston for the first Captain America film. However, they replaced him with the Russo brothers for the sequel. This decision has proven to be quite a great move as the Russo bros have just directed the unarguably most successful and popular Marvel movie to date that is Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.

5. Risks

Marvel Studios knows how to take risks and those risks have always paid them off in a big way. For example, Iron Man was nothing more than a risky bet, Captain America was an even bigger risk, and then there was also Thor. These properties were by no mean high profile from the perspective of the mass audience. However, that poses no threat to Marvel Studios, under the hands of Kevin Feige, they all took those risks, and the ridiculously successful Marvel Cinematic Universe was born from those exact risks.

After those risks paid off and the MCU became quite big, the studio still did not lose their edge. They continue with the risk-taking and make Guardian of the Galaxy, based on a book that was not even well-known for comic fans, much less the mass audience. However, they still pulled it out and made the film one of the MCU’s greatest hits

6. Open-minded

Even though they have had immense success with the characters they still have the rights to, Marvel Studios still sit down and ask Sony for the shared rights to the Spider-Man films. There was no strong-arming nor big legal battles, just smart decisions, and business approaches. The result is a Spider-Man film titled Homecoming that was wildly successful, a lot more than the two rebooted films that Sony tried to put out in 2012 and 2014. Tom Holland has also quickly become a fan-favorite and is bringing in even more young fans to the mix.

7. The Avengers

If Kevin Feige is the brain behind the MCU, then these guys are the ones he used to build the foundation. As I have stated, due to the bankruptcy in the 90s, Marvel has sold out the rights to its most prominent characters. However, the core members of this team are still there. Without them, there would be no Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, all of them have their own characteristics and something unique that they can bring onto the table. While not nearly as popular as Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man, these guys all have their own fan base, securing a safe zone for the movies in case they failed.

8. The films are made with love

One of the main reasons for the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the fact any audience can practically feel the love and care that were poured into the process of making them. As Paul Bettany, the actor playing Vision has put, these movies are all made by fans who love the source materials dearly. He shared that when he first dressed as Vision, Kevin Feige almost cried. It is due to these creators’ love that we the audience can fall in love with their stories as well as their characters. The movies are made by geeks that love them, so they would definitely be in great hands.

9. Robert Downey Jr.


This actor is also one of the main reasons behind the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his debut as Tony Stark in the popular Iron Man, the world was shown a pair of character and actor so suitable, you can never find someone else more perfect for the role. He is practically Tony Stark. In addition, Robert also cleaned up his previously problematic behaviors to be a perfect face for this media franchise. Once you see him as Iron Man, you can never un-see it.

10. Jon Favreau

It was Iron Man and Iron Man 2 that made the world open up to the idea of Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, before it, there has been nothing like the MCU. As we all know, the 2008 Hulk movie was not a great follow-up for the incredible success of Iron Man, so at the time people were having doubts about whether or not the movies can retain some kind of reliability. However, Jon Favreau gave us the second Iron Man, and we all started to believe in the MCU again, which created a great momentum for Captain America as well as Thor. Now, there is no denying the fact that there would be no MCU had the two Iron Man films failed and we have Jon Favreau to thank for that.

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