Top 10 League Of Legends Hoodies & Sweaters to Warm You Up For Fall 2020

Top 10 League Of Legends Hoodies & Sweaters to Warm You Up For Fall 2020

League of Legends, also known as  LoL, is a Multiplayer  Online  Battle Arena game that is published by Riot  Games.    It has grown to become the single unchallenged most popular game in the world since its first release in 2009, with the known peak of over  100 millions active players each month.  The game’s popularity has helped it expand into more fields, such as merchandise with toys,  accessories,  apparel, or tie-ins in other media through web series, music video,  books.  In  addition,  League  of  Legends  also  has  the  single  most  active  and  widespread  competitive  scene  with  the  5  major  regions:  NA  LCSEU  LCSLCKLPL,  and  LMS  along  with  countless  minor  regions,  all  of  them  will  only  compete  again  each  other  2  times  a  year  at  the  MSI  and  World  Championship,  respectively. 

If you are a fan of LoL’s competitive scene, you will know that the World Championship is drawing near, starting on Oct  1.  So, have you found the perfect outfit to wear for this occasion?  Don’t worry, we have gone through all the hard work for you and picked out the  Top  10  League  Of  Legends  Hoodies  & Sweaters to Warm  You Up for Fall  2020.



1. League of Legends Anivia Powerful Cryophoenix Hoodie


Are you a Mid Lane main? Have you played for a long time? If the answer is yes, chances are that you have mained Anivia at some point. So, why don’t you try out this League of Legends Anivia Hoodie? It utilizes a clear and strong color scheme, giving it a powerful feeling. Not to mention, it uses Anivia’s old splash art, before her visual update, so for the old-timers like me, it scores additional points. Furthermore, if you are a Froggen fan, then this is definitely a must-buy. The hoodie is made froma polyester mixed material, so you will not have to worry about its durability. It is also machine washable and safe to use the dryeron.

2. League of Legends Twisted Fate Card Master 3D Cool Hoodie


This is another charming product for the Mid mains, or if you were a fan of Reginald, Toyz, etc. This League of Legends Twisted Fate Hoodie uses the image of Twisted Fate in the “A Twist of Fate” cinematic. It is unisex, so no matter if you are a man or a woman, this hoodie can fit you just fine. Utilizing the All Over Print technique combining with its already high-quality material makes it machine washable and safe to use a dryer on without having to worry about the image being washed away.

3. League of Legends Udyr Spirit Walker Stylish Printed Hoodie


Let’s show some love for the Jungle mains. We bring to you the stylish Udyr Spirit Walker Hoodie. This hoodie uses the splash art of the Spirit Guard Udyr skin. Stylishly using a mainly black and white color scheme gives it a powerful and mysterious feel. This shirt is printed with the All Over Print technique and made from a high-quality polyester mixed material, so you will not need to worry about its durability. In addition, this hoodie can be washed by machine and you can use a dryer on it.

4. League of Legends Lee Sin Powerful Monk Streetwear Hoodie


Lee Sin, the most played champion before the creation of Yasuo, is the champion that is usually used in 1v1s, he is the jungler you will revert to when your meta junglers have all been banned, so it is only natural that he has his own hoodie in this collection. This hoodie uses a mysterious and powerful color scheme with black, white, and a little red mixed in. In addition, it uses All Over Print and 3D technique, so the image seems lively and quite powerful, you can also be at ease when wash it by machine and using a dryer on it.

5. League of Legends Zed The Master of Shadow Character Print Hoodie


If you are a League of Legends fan, and you do follow the competitive scene, then you surely must have seen the legendary Faker’s Zed outplay video. That clip shows us one of the most defining traits of the game itself: the immeasurable ability to win against your opponent with just your wits and skills. I am sure many of you started playing League because of that clip, and Zed is one of the first champions that you buy. Thus, I am quite sure that this hoodie can serve as a great reminder of your very first impression of this impressive game: the Zed outplay. Furthermore, it is made from a polyester mixed material, so you can be sure of its durability.

6. League of Legends Volcanic Wukong Attacking Gaming Art Cool Hoodie


Now, if you are a fan of the Monkey King, this hoodie will not disappoint you in any way, as it is certainly one of the most vibrant out of all the hoodies I have reviewed, and I have reviewed quite a lot. This League of Legends Volcanic Wukong Hoodie utilizes a cool and fierce color scheme, making the Volcanic Wukong image even more lively and terrifying. In addition, the hoodie is made from high-quality material and it uses the All Over Print & 3D technique, so you need not worry about the color going away after washing it by machine or using a dryer on it.

7. League of Legends Vigorous Udyr Bear Stance Edition Cool Hoodie


This hoodie utilizes a vibrant and fierce color scheme of mostly red, making it quite eye-catching and fierce. It is made from a polyester mixed material, meaning its durability is guaranteed. In addition, it uses All Over Print technique, so the image is quite convincing.

8. League of Legends Thresh Battling Death Power Vibrant Color Hoodie


Support is considered the trashy and not fun position, where you can’t even buy one full item 20 minutes into the game. Well, that was the case until the appearance of MadLife, the first player to be crowned Godly, and his signature Thresh. After MadLife, Thresh became the go-to champion when the most meta champions are not available, as he offers anything a support needs: a shield for your AD Carry, a lantern to save your ADC, and most importantly, his hook. This League of Legends Thresh hoodie captures that essence so clearly, you can practically feel it when you look at the hoodie.

9. League of Legends Fiora The Heroic MOBA Champion Purple Hoodie


If we are talking about the Top lane, there is one champion that, since her rework, has always been usable no matter what meta she is in. That is Fiora, the Duelist. True to her name, Fiora really is one of the strongest champions for soloing and split pushing. Thus, it is understandable that the number of people maining her would be so high. This hoodie capture that essence of Fiora quite nicely, utilizing one of her most popular skin: PROJECT: FIORA. With its high-quality material and special sublimation technique, you can be sure of this product’s durability.

10. League of Legends Pantheon Aegis Protection In Fire Vibrant Hoodie



Pantheon, the Aspect of War, is one of the less popular champions on this list. Nevertheless, he is one of the most fun to play champions for me, personally. This League of Legends Pantheon hoodie managed to capture the essence of him perfectly, with its vibrant color scheme. It is made of high-quality polyester mixed material and a special sublimation technique, so you will not have to worry about its durability.

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Andrew Cunningham - March 27, 2019

Oh, I see! I gotcha! You’re the one I’ve been looking for. I shop on your website and got even surprised because I so much liked not only your League Of Legends Hoodies & Sweaters collections but everything. I mean, literally EVERYTHING. Love your designs, guys.

I just made a purchase for League of Legends Zed The Master of Shadow Character Print Hoodie and I’m hoping everything goes well on this. If so, I would definitely recommend you to everyone. But so far, you’re the best online store I’ve ever shopped with. I’m so excited! :)

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